Welcome to the Young Bat Company Weighted Bat Series. We have designed 3 unique bats engineered to maximize a hitters ability to develop more bat speed and control. 


  • Every training bat is made from hand split hard rock maple in an effort to give each player proper training with a wood bat. All bats are engineered for strength and durability through Young Bat Companies patent pending methods. 



  • The weighted bat set provides every player with the tools to build the foundation for improving bat speed, barrel control and power.


  • These bats are not intended for game use. 


If you have any questions about the bat models or for wholesale purchasing please feel free to reach out to tom@youngbatcompany.com

Weighted Bats

Bat Design
  • This bat model is specially designed to weigh 20% more in the barrel of the bat. For example, a 33" bat would weigh 36 oz with 20% of the weight being in the barrel of the bat. Driving your hands through the zone is crucial when controlling this bat model.